Haikus with paintings

My book of paintings and haikus.  Launched at my exhibition in March 2021.  A big thank you to Dino Marasà and staff at Studio Byblos, Italy. 25 Aud.   Please contact me to purchase.


Falling plum blossoms
Safe in corners of my mind
For a winters day


Evenings last rays
Sunbeams glide on golden air
Sprinklings of sequins


Too long between tears
Weep uncontrollably sky
Be gone shame faced drought


Roseate lights the blue
Twilight whispers fill the air
A moment in time


Plans to paint the sea
Washed away by a head turn
Rolling hills and clouds


Moaning noonday wind
Scaring trees and whipping rocks
Clouds squeal with delight


Quiescent lakeside
Only a gentle breeze,but
there’s sand in my paint


Last light of the sun
Faeries inhabit the dusk
Sylphs ride floating mists


Storm clouds gathering
On such a warm summers day
Forgot the brolly


Carried on the breeze
Whispered midsummer tree songs
Floating in sunshine



Billowing white clouds
Consorting with sunburnt hills
Laughing summer breeze


Winter trees grow clouds
Feeling so very alone
And then – the rabbit


December morning
Sunshine falls on round hay bales
Song of a magpie


In a secret place
Beholden to nobody
Trees and clouds play games


Wondrous silver orb
Blue air sings pearly moon songs
Bewitching Goddess


Amaranthine sky
Dreams wander through clouds of rose
Staying for the night


Dancing trees in pink
Hills don their best ochre robes
Natures woodland ball


A south wind groans low
Snow moon peeps through lilac clouds
Chill indigo air


Dreamers paradise
A sprites song serenades trees
Nightfall blows a kiss


Shimmer shine water
Clouds admire their reflections
Terracotta hills


Sunburnt grass sighs now
Can an ochre life turn green?
The chameleon smiles


Wandering through fields
Pink grasses waving to me
Sighing summer breeze


Peaceful country road
A burst of golden yellow
Happy wattle songs


So close to the heart
These rocky grassy woodlands
Kestrels hover high


Morning winter mist
Clouds playing tag with water
Blanket of silence


Last years memories
Wandering through my sketchbook
Opaque moonstone sky


Sea of sapphire blue
Vaporous clouds play with gulls
Bare feet caress sand


Storm clouds gathering
I call with the currawongs
Such a long dry spell

Private collection


Yellow sunset blaze
The winding road leading home
Walking on charm stones


A gaggle of geese
Brushes trying to compete
White melts into green


Deep brooding water
Whispering incantations
Drawing down the moon


A long time ago
There was a place by the sea
Memories linger


Approaching the pond
Plop – A stone skims the surface
The laughter of children


Rain clouds over water
Bouncing splashing sprinkle-spray
Droplets falling fast


Leaves float on water
Thousands of little canoes
Elves shriek ship ahoy


Sky is so modest
She draws her blind for nights kiss
Pearly pond blushes


Winter white moonbeams
Murmur sun-pink lullabies
Misty eventide


Fragrant petrichor
Summer has been way too long
Poor brown scorched ground


Serpentine sky road
Mystery trail to somewhere
Walking into clouds


Bang crash thunderbolt
Raindrops make love to trees
Candlelight tonight


Just before sunset
The faeries came with glamor
And we became lost


High up in a branch
Black as pitch and harsh of voice
Crow sings his bleak song


Sunset on the plains
Sky of rose, blue and yellow
Lonely plover calls


Periwinkle clouds
Shimmer shine falls on water
Days end by the lake


Gay dancing wheat fields
Whispering the old secrets
Trees don’t give a  jot


Warm hazy evening
Sprites play music from the spheres
Faeries spread glamor


An azure surprise
Dancing trees with trembling leaves
And then the water


Peaceful country road
Eucalypts dance to birdsong
Zephyrs waltz with leaves


Wandering through dreams
Blue mountains and timeless sky
Blinded by the light