Austrian publication – Relevanz in der Kunst. Fine Art Masters des 21. Jahrhundert

March 3rd, 2016 by Liadaan



I am honoured to have my painting ‘Liberty and the Flying Fox’ and my painting ‘Amber Reflections’ published in the above Austrian publication with a very nice critique by Herr Heinz Playner.  Here is the English translation of Mr. Playner’s critique.


“The Australian artist and sculptress Lyndel Thomas works in a refined technique of realism. The precise conception gives every work of art a charming atmosphere.

In the work of ‘Liberty and the Flying Fox’ the artist reveals in the employment of the technique of the old masters a particular play of colours. The beautiful lines and shadings entrance the viewer. The warm tones endow the painting with a particular feeling of being safe and secure. The fine execution of the motif engenders a lasting impression. The pastel tones of nature contrasting with the black dress of the woman demonstrate that for the artist it was important to imbue the theme with as much emotion as is possible. A particularly interesting idea is the little pig on the boulder. By means of the flying balloon in the hand of the woman the viewer is impelled to contemplation, which ties him or her to the work of art.”

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